Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to Re-grow Your Store-Bought Green Onions

Green onions are an item I buy just about every time I'm at the grocery store.  My husband and I love to cook, and we put it in everything from soups to tacos.  One day while slicing away at a bunch, I noticed tiny roots still attached to the ends of the onion stalks.  I wondered to myself if the onions would continue to grow if placed in water.  As an experiment, I plunked what remained of my green onions in a cup of water, and placed the cup in a sunny window.  I filled the cup with just enough water to submerge the roots in order to prevent the onion stalks from rotting.

Within a couple of days, the roots grew longer, and the foliage taller.  After a week or two, the older, outer foliage began to die, turn brown and peel off.  I simply snipped off dead foliage with scissors.  New foliage then emerged from the inside of each stalk.  These bad boys grew faster than we could cook them!  They grew so tall sometimes, that the top heavy foliage would bend in half.  I'd have to give the onions a "haircut" and store the excess in the fridge.

So there you have it.  All you need to re-grow your own green onions is a cup, water, a sunny window, and maybe a pair of scissors for the occasional "haircut" :)  I bought this organic bunch of onions for $1.00, and it lasted me two whole months before they went south.  Since I typically buy a new bunch of onions weekly, re-growing my own saved me a decent chunk of change.  And who doesn't like saving money?  I've been re-growing green onions in a cup of water ever since my initial experiment.

FYI, I guess I wasn't the first person to plunk a bunch of onions in water because I've since come across other "How-To's" on Pinterest.  I guess I'm late to the green onion party.  Better late than never!


  1. Then why don't you plant a few pcs in the soil, that will eventually produce plantlets to supply you more! You can also do that with ginger rhizomes, and it is just like playing some games. I have some spring onions in a pot always ready for my sinigang and omelet!

    1. Please, tell me how you plant the ginger rhizomes.

    2. Here's a good website on how: http://www.tropicalpermaculture.com/growing-ginger.html

  2. Good point, Andrea :). I failed to mention that I did actually plant the onions in a small pot around six weeks into the experiment. I figured they'd need nutrients at some point. They keeled over anyways :(. Maybe I waited too late to pot them up? Perhaps I will give it another try. I've been reading about planting ginger as well. Looking forward to trying that out, too!

  3. I just started mine 3 days ago... It's about 5 inches taller now. ;)

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